October 30, 2014

The Best Companies to Invest in Have a Great CEO

In Rule #1 Investing, one of the things we search for when we're attempting to truly understand what the best organizations to invest in are, is the management of the organization. What we attempt to discover is a truly incredible CEO.


Take after these 3 tips to discover characteristics of a great CEO, who you would be glad to own a bit of the organization.


1) Is the CEO an Owner of the Company?


One of the main things we take a look at when we search for how to discover the best organizations to invest in is the manager of the organization.


A manager is some individual who established this company. These are people that moved into the business at such an early stage in the organization they are basically founders. Were searching for somebody who is connected to the business where they're kind of sitting on the same side of the table as us. They have a considerable measure of stock and they don't profit, unless we profit.


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October 23, 2014

Responsible Investing With Your Own Personal Values

Our individual values are extraordinarily important to successful investing. Practically nobody discusses how to vote your values, or your heart to where your cash is going.

I think it is the most important vote in your life to put your cash into the things that you value and that you need to see in the world in the future.

Keep in mind that wherever you're putting your cash is what is going to develop on the planet…


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October 15, 2014

3 Common Stock Market Investing Myths Busted

There are regular myths about investing that to a degree can drive away the individual and make them think about whether investing is worth it.

Here are 3 myths about investing and the realities so you can develop your riches and achieve financial independence. And you can do it with Rule #1. 

Myth #1: You Have to be an Expert to Manage Money

You don't need to be a expert, all you must be is an expert at one little piece of the business sector. We call it being an inch wide and a mile deep…

What are the other two myths? Click the link below to find out.


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